Reporting obligation for: Floods Directive - Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment and Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk - 2019

Title Floods Directive - Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment and Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk - 2019
Description Article 4 of the Floods Directive requires Member States to undertake a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) for each river basin district, unit of management or the portion of an international river basin district or unit of management lying within their territory. The identification of Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk (APSFR, Article 5) will be based on available or readily derivable information, including the requirements specified in Article 4 (PFRA) in the Directive.
In the 1st implementation cycle Member States may apply Article 13.1 (transitional arrangements) and either report on a PFRA carried out before 22 December 2010 (Article 13.1(a)) or proceed directly to mapping and establishment of flood risk management plans (Article 13.1(b)). If Article 13.1(a) is applied, the result will include the identification of APSFR (Article 5), if Article 13.1(b) is applied, APSFR will not be identified; instead maps at the appropriate scale according to Article 6 (see Flood Hazard Maps and Flood Risk Maps) will be prepared.
Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title Floods Directive
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators WISE - National reporting coordinators (extranet-wise-nfp)
National reporting contacts Floods Directive - Data reporters (extranet-floods-data)
Reporting frequency One time only
Next report due 22/03/2019
Date comments The PFRA & APSFR phase was to be completed by 22/12/2011 for the first cycle of implementation of the FD and made available to the Commission three months after. First review and, if necessary, update, is due by 22/12/2018 and every 6 years thereafter. 
Report to European Commission, Directorate General Environment
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Extra information Three reporting sheets:
- Reporting sheet for Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment,
- Reporting sheet for Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk (APSFR) and
- Reporting sheet for “Tracking of APSFRs”
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