Reporting obligation for: National Emission Ceiling Directive (NECD) - Policies and Measures (PaMs)

Title National Emission Ceiling Directive (NECD) - Policies and Measures (PaMs)
Description Submission of Policies and Measures (PaMs) included into the National Air Pollution Control Programme and created with the WebForm available at this link:
Delivery process is managed by EEA

Delivery process or content of this obligation overlaps with another reporting obligation (
Legislative instrument title Revised NEC Directive
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts National Emission Ceilings Directive Reporters (extranet-necd-reporter)
Reporting frequency Every 18 months
Next report due 01/10/2020
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Report to European Commission
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Reporting guidelines  
Extra information The initial national air pollution control programmes referred to in Articles 6 and 10 shall at least cover the following content: [...] (c) the measures and policies selected for adoption, including a timetable for their adoption, implementation and review and the competent authorities responsible;
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Type of information reported Regulatory