Reporting obligation for: Report on invasive alien species

Title Report on invasive alien species
Description Member States shall update and transmit to the Commission the following:
(a) a description, or an updated version thereof, of the surveillance system pursuant to Article 14 and of the official control system on alien species entering the Union pursuant to Article 15;
(b) the distribution of the invasive alien species of Union concern or regional concern in accordance with Article 11(2) present in their territory, including information regarding migratory or reproductive patterns;
(c) information about the species considered as invasive alien species of Member State concern pursuant to Article 12(2);
(d) the action plans referred to in Article 13(2);
(e) aggregated information covering the entire national territory on the eradication measures taken in accordance with Article 17, the management measures undertaken in accordance with Article 19, their effectiveness, and their impact on non-targeted species;
(f) the number of the permits referred to in Article 8 and the purpose for which they were issued;
(g) measures taken to inform the public about the presence of an invasive alien species and any actions that citizens have been requested to take;
(h) the inspections required under Article 8(8); and
(i) information on the cost of action undertaken to comply with this Regulation, when available.
Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title Regulation on invasive alien species
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts IAS reporters (extranet-ias-reporter)
Reporting frequency Every 72 months
Next report due 01/06/2019
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Extra information The Commission shall, by means of implementing acts, specify the technical formats for reporting in order to simplify and streamline reporting obligations for the Member States.
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