Reporting obligation for: WISE - Spatial Data (WISE-5)

Title WISE - Spatial Data (WISE-5)
Description Spatial reference data sets for WISE (Water Information System for Europe).

Includes spatial reference data on:
- River basin districts and sub-units
- Surface and groundwater water bodies
- Monitoring sites
Delivery process is managed by EEA

Delivery process or content of this obligation overlaps with another reporting obligation (
Legislative instrument title EEA AWP
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators National Focal Points (eionet-nfp)
National reporting contacts WISE - Spatial Data (WISE-5) Reporters (reportnet-awp-wise5-reporter)
Reporting frequency  
Next report due Continuous reporting
Date comments  
Report to European Environment Agency
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines WISE - Spatial Data (WISE-5) reporting resources [Valid since 01/09/2015]  
Extra information There is a partial overlap with the following reporting obligations:

- Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 Spatial data (

Detailed reporting guidance on the structure of the spatial data sets is available in

Information already reported under the WFD 2016 Reporting does not need to be resubmitted under WISE-5.

Data Providers are requested to use the WISE-5 reporting in order to keep updated the spatial reference data relevant for the different WISE SoE reporting obligations.
Data must be submitted as full data sets (no incremental updates).
Principle repository CDR  
Data used for
Type of information reported