Reporting obligation for: WISE SoE - Water Quality (WISE-4)

Title WISE SoE - Water Quality (WISE-4)
Description Water quality data in rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Includes data on nutrients, organic matter, hazardous substances and general physico-chemical parameters. Includes biological data in rivers and lakes.
This reporting obligation is an Eionet core data flow

Reporting under this obligation is used for EEA Core set of indicators

Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title EEA AWP
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators National Focal Points (eionet-nfp)
National reporting contacts WISE SoE - Water Quality (WISE-4) Reporters (reportnet-awp-wise4-reporter)
Reporting frequency Annually
Next report due 31/12/2019
Date comments  
Report to European Environment Agency
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Guidelines and templates available through the Reportnet Data Dictionary [Valid since 01/09/2015]  
Extra information As of 2016, WISE SoE Water Quality (WISE-4) supports the following reporting obligations:
- Environmental Quality Standards Directive - Watch list:

As of 2015, WISE SoE Water Quality (WISE-4) supersedes the following reporting obligations:
- River quality (EWN-1):
- Lake quality (EWN-2):
- Groundwater quality (EWN-3):

A formal request is sent to NFPs and NRCs every year with reference to reporting guidelines and templates available through Reportnet Data Dictionary.
More information is available at
Principle repository CDR  
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Type of information reported Data