Reporting obligation for: Horizon 2020 initiative for a cleaner Mediterranean Sea (SoE)

Title Horizon 2020 initiative for a cleaner Mediterranean Sea (SoE)
Description The Cairo Declaration of the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on the Environment held in Cairo on 20 November 2006 states that:
“... the Euro-Mediterranean Ministers of Environment and other heads of delegation at the Cairo Ministerial Conference ... Endorse the timetable for the Horizon 2020 initiative for de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by 2020 attached to this declaration. ... Undertake to take steps to develop national integrated environmental information systems to produce reliable, comparable and timely statistical data and information to support Horizon 2020 aims.”

According to the Horizon 2020 –Timetable for the first phase (2007-2013) (Annex to the Cairo Declaration):
“At intermediate dates the initiative will be monitored with the production of:
– Five yearly reports on the state of the environment in the Mediterranean Sea based on an agreed set of indicators in line with progress in the context of EMMA and the national and regional diagnosis carried out by MEDPOL
– Biennial synthesis progress report focusing on country profiles in line with UNEP/MAP’s work programme.
All countries to provide regular data and information on pollution sources and levels to allow preparation of monitoring reports.”

Cairo declaration (

Following the Union for the Mediterranean Conference on Environment and Climate Change, 13 May 2014 (, Ministers reaffirmed the Cairo mandate and emphasised the need for all Mediterranean partner countries “to address data needs by applying the principles of Shared Environment Information Systems (SEIS) in line with the commitments under the ECAP Decisions of the Barcelona Convention, also contributing to its regional integrated monitoring” allowing “having an accurate picture of the State of the Mediterranean Sea”.

Mediterranean Partner Countries participating in ENPI-SEIS South deliver the agreed H2020 indicators in line with the ENPI-SEIS work plan and indicators guidelines.

Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament - Establishing an Environment Strategy for the Mediterranean {SEC(2006)1082} /* COM/2006/0475 final */,
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Reporting frequency Every 60 months
Next report due 30/04/2019
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