Reporting obligation for: Information on Natura 2000 sites (SCIs/SACs, Habitats Directive)

Title Information on Natura 2000 sites (SCIs/SACs, Habitats Directive)
Description Natura 2000 is the centrepiece of EU nature & biodiversity policy. It is an EUwide network of nature protection areas established under the 1992 Habitats Directive. The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats. It is comprised of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) designated by Member States under the Habitats Directive, and also incorporates Special Protection Areas (SPAs) which they designate under the 1979 Birds Directive. Text from
This reporting obligation is an Eionet core data flow

Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts Natura 2000 Reporters (extranet-natura2000-reporter)
Reporting frequency  
Next report due Continuous reporting
Date comments According to DG ENV timetable for updating 
Report to European Commission
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Natura 2000 Standard Data Form  
Extra information The information on Natura 2000 sites under both the Birds and the Habitats Directives are required to be submitted together in one database.
Principle repository Central Data Repository (CDR)  
Data used for Natura 2000 data set.
Type of information reported Data, Compliance