Reporting obligation for: Shellfish Directive report

Title Shellfish Directive report
Description EC Water Reporting Obligation under Standardised Reporting Directive
Legislative instrument title 2006/113/EC Shellfish Directive (codified version)
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Next report due It is not expected to report under the 2006/113/EC Shellfish Directive integrated in the Water Framework Directive, but only under the last one.
Date comments See for the deadlines of reporting obligations under the Water Framework Directive ( 
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Reporting guidelines Standardised Reporting Decisions for water  
Extra information See Annex IV of the Commission Decision 92/446/EEC amended by Decision 95/337/EC , the exact design of the table will be made at a later stage together with a precise explanation of each question.

Given that the Water Framework Directive covers all waters, including shellfish waters, the Commission expects that reports under the Water Framework Directive within the already agreed reporting format will cover all relevant information on this water category as well. Consequently, the questionnaire under the Decision need not be used any more. See for the guidelines of reporting obligations under the Water Framework Directive.
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Type of information reported Data, Compliance, Text report