Reporting obligation for: 4th air quality daughter directive (Art.5) assessment annual reporting exceedances

Title 4th air quality daughter directive (Art.5) assessment annual reporting exceedances
Description Article 5 - Transmission of information and reporting:
1. With regard to the zones and agglomerations where any of the target values laid down in Annex I is exceeded, Member States shall forward the following information to the Commission:
(a) the lists of the zones and agglomerations concerned,
(b) the areas of exceedance,
(c) the concentration values assessed,
(d) the reasons for exceedance, and in particular any sources contributing to it,
(e) the population exposed to such exceedance.

Member States shall also report all data assessed in accordance with Article 4, unless already reported under Council Decision 97/101/EC of 27 January 1997 establishing a reciprocal exchange of information and data from networks and individual
stations measuring ambient air pollution within the Member States. (See OJ L 35, 5.2.1997, p. 14. Decision as amended by Commission Decision 2001/752/EC (OJ L 282, 26.10.2001, p. 69).

The information shall be transmitted for each calendar year, by no later than 30 September of the following year, and for the first time for the calendar year following 15 February 2007.

2. In addition to the requirements laid down in paragraph 1, Member States shall also report any measures taken pursuant to Article 3.
Delivery process is managed by EEA

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Legislative instrument title 4th daughter directive relating to As, Cd, HG, Ni and PAHs in ambient air
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Extra information Modification of the Questionnaire under Decision 2004/461/EC and related guidance has been prepared to enable reporting of 4th Daughter Directive on a voluntary basis already for the reporting year 2007, with the deadline of submission at 30 September 2008. This reporting will become mandatory in 2009.

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