Reporting obligation for: Bathing Water Directive - Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters

Title Bathing Water Directive - Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters
Description Member States shall provide the Commission with the results of the monitoring and with the bathing water quality assessment for each bathing water, as well as with a description of significant management measures taken.
This reporting obligation is an Eionet core data flow

Reporting under this obligation is used for EEA Core set of indicators

Delivery process is managed by EEA

Delivery process or content of this obligation overlaps with another reporting obligation (
Legislative instrument title New Bathing Water Directive (consolidated)
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators WISE - National reporting coordinators (extranet-wise-nfp)
National reporting contacts Bathing Water Directive - Data reporters (extranet-bwd-data)
Reporting frequency Annually
Next report due 31/12/2019
Date comments MS have to report under Directive 2006/7/EC starting from bathing season 2012 at the latest in case of 4 year assessment period or can decide to report earlier (from the bathing season 2007). 
Report to European Commission
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Guidelines available through EIONET Help section [Valid since 30/10/2008]  
Extra information The letter of request is sent by EC, DG ENV and EEA to Nominated reporters under the Bathing Water Directive, Permanent Representations of EU Member States, Water Directors of EU Member States and Eionet National Focal Points every year with reference to templates to use, guidelines and other support files.
Principle repository CDR  
Data used for
Type of information reported Data, Compliance, State of the environment, Text report