Reporting obligation for: Summary of activities

Title Summary of activities
Description Article 9 (Research, development, public awareness and exchange of information), section 3: "Within two years of the entry into force of this Protocol and every two years thereafter, each Party shall submit to the Secretariat a summary of the activities it has conducted pursuant to this Article." (as of December 1998)
Reporting under this obligation is used for EEA Core set of indicators
Legislative instrument title Montreal Ozone Protocol
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency Every 24 months
Next report due 30/09/2019
Date comments biannually, this reporting to be send jointly with annual reporting obligation to UNEP Ozone Secretariat 
Report to UNEP - Ozone Secretariat
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Handbook on Data Reporting under the Montreal Protocol  
Extra information Reporting forms and guidelines are available at the web-site of the secretariat (See also Handbook on Data Reporting: section 1.1, Table 4 and Annex I chapter 3).
Principle repository  
Data used for
Type of information reported Administrative, Compliance, Regulatory, Text report