Reporting obligation for: Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive - Situation Report

Title Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive - Situation Report
Description The principal aim of this situation report is to inform the public regularly of the situation, on a given date, regarding waste water collection and treatment, as well as to present the development of the situation in relation to at least the two previous years. They have to be transmitted to the Commission as soon as published by the Member States.

Every two years relevant authorities or bodies shall publish situation reports on the disposal of urban waste water and sludge in their areas.
Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (consolidated)
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators WISE - National reporting coordinators (extranet-wise-nfp)
National reporting contacts Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive - Data Reporters (extranet-uwwtd-data)
Reporting frequency  
Next report due ASAP
Date comments Member States should upload situation reports as they are published every two years 
Report to European Commission
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Recommendation on the format of the Article 16 - situation report  
Extra information Member States can either upload their reports as word- or pdf- files and/ or provide the link to a web-site, where the Situation report is published.

The document "Terms and Definitions of the UWWT Directive" is available at:

Further information is available at the DG ENV Circabc library at:
Principle repository CDR  
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Type of information reported Compliance, Text report