Reporting obligation for: Report on Implementation

Title Report on Implementation
Description Report on Implementation
Legislative instrument title UNCCD
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators Focal Points
National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency Every 24 months
Next report due 31/05/2020
Date comments Approximately regular. Reports should be submitted at least six months prior to the Conference of the Parties at which they are to be reviewed. 
Report to UNCCD, Permanent Secretariat
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Reporting guidelines National Reporting Process of Developed Country Parties: Explanatory Note [Valid since 08/01/2004]  
Extra information Two sets of guidelines for national reporting are provided, one for developed country Parties and the other for affected country Parties.

As regards developed country Parties, there is an Explanatory Note which provides guidance on the information to be included in the report. It includes as an annex a suggested structure for the reports. Developed country Parties which have not yet submitted a report are requested to submit a comprehensive report covering the period starting with their ratification of and/or accession of the Convention up to the submission date. Country Parties which have already submitted a report are requested to submit an update to the Secretariat.

A review of the reports of Affected African country Parties will be undertaken within the context of CRIC 3 and COP7. A format for the reports was outlined in decision 11/COP.1, but priority areas and key thematic topics identified at COP 4 (decision 8/COP.4) and COP 5 (decision 1/COP.5) have been added. However, it is specifically stated that the Help Guide does not provide an obligatory format but is rather indicative in providing a format and methodology with a view to supporting national focal points in the preparation work for national reports. Country Parties are also requested to submit as part of their national report a country profile containing statistical data on geo-topographic, bio-physical and socio-economic indicators relevant for an assessment of desertification at the national level. Affected African country Parties are requested to provide the UNCCD Secretariat with an update of their previous report, submitted to CRIC 1, in the light of COP 6 decisions. Affected African country Parties which have never submitted a report are requested to provide a full comprehensive report on activities and measures to implement the Convention since becoming a Party.

Reports should be completed in one of the official languages of the Conference of the Parties. Affected country Parties are also encouraged to submit their reports, or at least summaries of them, in English, to facilitate wider dissemination of the information. National reports submitted by affected country Parties should be less than 30 pages, including a six-page summary.

Reports should be submitted as a single document in hard copy as well as in an electronic format (as a diskette, a CD-ROM, a website, or an e-mail attachment). Reports should be produced in either MS Word 6 or above, or Rich Text Format.
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