Reporting obligation for: National Report

Title National Report
Description National Report
Legislative instrument title EUROBATS
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency Every 36 months
Next report due 30/06/2021
Date comments Approximately regular - every three years. National reports should be submitted at least 90 days before the opening of each ordinary Meeting of the Parties. 
Report to EUROBATS Secretariat
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Reporting guidelines Format of National Implementation Reports as revised at MoP3 [Valid since 03/07/1998]  
Extra information Guidelines for the format are found in Resolutions 2.7 (MoP2/1998/Res.7), 3.3 (MoP3/2000/Res.3) and 4.4 (MoP4/2003/Res.4). The Guidelines for National Reports were annexed to Resolution 2.7. Resolution 3.3 added "Measures taken to implement Resolutions adopted by Meetings of the Parties" to the format for the national implementation report. In addition, Resolution 4.4 requires that Parties should include the following in their National Reports to the Fifth Session of the Meeting of Parties: 1) types of forestry and land management identified as causing problems for bats in forests; 2) efforts to take bats into account when improving the sustainability of forestry practices; 3) the use of incentive schemes to provide resources for bat conservation measures in forests; and 4) measures to identify, manage and enhance key elements and key areas for bats in forests.
Principle repository National reports  
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Type of information reported Compliance, Text report