Reporting obligation for: Annual Report

Title Annual Report
Description Annual Report
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Legislative instrument title CITES
Reporting dates and guidelines
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Reporting frequency Annually
Next report due 31/10/2019
Date comments Regular. Each annual report should cover the period 1 January to 31 December, and should be submitted by 31 October of the year following the year for which the report was due. 
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Reporting guidelines Guidelines for the preparation and submission of CITES annual reports [Valid since 09/04/2002]  
Extra information A standard format for annual reports and guidelines for their preparation and submission was prepared by the CITES Secretariat in accordance with Resolution Conf. 11.17 and were approved by the Standing Committee at its 45th meeting in June 2001. The guidelines were communicated to Parties in Notification to the Parties No. 2002/022 of 9 April 2002. (Previous versions were distibuted with Notification to the Parties No. 788 of 10 March 1994 and Notification to the Parties No. 1999/85 of 5 November 1999).

Annual reports may be submitted in the form of printed or hand-written reports. However, the computerised preparation of annual reports and their submission in electronic format is encouraged wherever possible. Reports should be prepared in one of the three working languages of the Convention: English, French and Spanish.

Parties are able to seek assistance from the CITES Secretariat to produce annual reports if they are experiencing problems with the regular preparation and submission of annual reports.

The CITES Secretariat may approve a valid request from a Party for a reasonable extension of time for the submission of annual reports provided the Party submits a written request, containing justification, before the deadline of 31 October.
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Type of information reported Compliance, State of the environment, Text report