Reporting obligation for: Drinking Water Directive - Report on Quality of Water for Human Consumption

Title Drinking Water Directive - Report on Quality of Water for Human Consumption
Description EC Water Reporting Obligation

According to Article 13, the Member State have the obligation to publish a report every three years on the quality of water intended for human consumption with the objective of informing the consumers.
Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title New Drinking Water Directive (consolidated)
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators WISE - National reporting coordinators (extranet-wise-nfp)
National reporting contacts Drinking Water Directive - Data Reporters (extranet-dwd-data)
Reporting frequency Every 36 months
Next report due 28/02/2021
Date comments 1st report shall cover the years 2002, 2003, 2004; the 2nd – 2005, 2006, 2007; etc. The report shall be published within one calendar year of the end of the reporting period and sent to the Commission within two months of the publication. 
Report to European Commission
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Guidance document on reporting under the Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC [Valid since 22/09/2014]  
Extra information DWD reporting resources include the support files for the reporting under the next request by the Commission (DWD Questionnaire 2011). The Commission letter launching this reporting exercise sets out the reference years for reporting (2008-2010) and provides the background of the main reporting requirements. The letter is available at

The support files consist of help (guidance) documents, schemas, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
Drinking Water User Manual v1.0 provides support to the workflow for the DWD reporting and explains the main reporting steps for reporting information to the Commission in Reportnet.
A common structure to be used in the reporting was agreed in May 2007. The guidance document has been revised and divided into Guidance Document on reporting and Guidance Document on derogations. It presents a new, table-oriented way of reporting, in line with DWD and with the WISE approach for reporting.
Schemas are developed to supply DWD reporting on the basis of the revised guidance document. Excel spreadsheets are used to import and structure MS data into the required format for the generation of the XML files.

Additional information related to DWD is available on DG ENV website
Principle repository CDR  
Data used for The synthesis reports of the Commission on the quality of drinking water in the Member States
Type of information reported