Reporting obligation for: Arctic Monitoring Programme

Title Arctic Monitoring Programme
Description AMAP Reporting Obligation
Legislative instrument title AMAP
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency  
Next report due Dates to be concluded by AMAP.
Date comments The AMAP Monitoring Programme is currently being updated to meet AMAP's future assessment needs. 
Report to Arctic Council, AMAP Secretariat
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Reporting guidelines National Implementation Plans  
Extra information The monitoring work within AMAP is based, as far as possible, on existing national and international monitoring and research programs, aiming to harmonize these to the extent possible. Each country defines its own National Implementation Plan (NIP) to meet the AMAP monitoring objectives. Monitoring projects are carried out within each of the participating countries and across borders under bilateral and multilateral cooperations. Efforts are made to harmonize existing and new programs with respect to methodologies and quality assurance.
Principle repository  
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Type of information reported Compliance, State of the environment, Text report