Reporting obligation for: Nitrates Directive - Report

Title Nitrates Directive - Report
Description EC Reporting on water pollution by nitrates and action programmes taken in vulnerable zones.

Member States shall, in respect of the four-year period following the notification of this Directive and in respect of each subsequent four-year period, submit a report to the Commission containing the information outlined in Annex V.
Delivery process is managed by EEA
Legislative instrument title Nitrates Directive (consolidated)
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts Nitrates Directive Reporters (extranet-nid-reporter)
Reporting frequency Every 48 months
Next report due 30/06/2020
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Report to European Commission
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Reporting guidelines Guidelines and templates available through the Reportnet Data Dictionary [Valid since 27/02/2012]  
Extra information Data Dictionary and corresponding templates (Excel or XML schemas) derive from Development guide for MS.
Development guide for MS - final report is an informal document drawn up in 2011 by the Commission in preparation for the fourth and following action programmes deadlines. It is a revision of the Guidelines document of the year 2008 and it aims to facilitate, in terms of both content and form, the drawing-up of Member States’ reports (Article 10). Part of the guide is annex Reporting templates and formats for Geographical information and summary tables on water quality. This document contains detailed specifications in a structured format for the geographical information (part 1) and summary tables (part 2) on water quality. The documents are available on the Nitrates directive WFD CIRCA library, subfolder for 2012 reporting at
In addition, GIS specification for reporting under NiD explains needs and specifications for spatial data in relation to reporting under Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC). It is available at
Principle repository CDR  
Data used for Reports on implementation of the Nitrates Directive for 4 year periods (1996-1999, 2000-2003, 2004-2007)
Type of information reported Data, Compliance, Spatial, State of the environment, Text report