Legislative instrument details: Bern Convention

Legal name Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats
Short name Bern Convention
CELEX reference 21979A0919(01)
Identification number
Issued by Council of Europe
URL to issuer http://www.coe.int
Parent legislative instrument
Valid from 01/06/1982
Abstract The Bern Convention aims to conserve wild flora and fauna and their habitats and to promote European co-operation in that field. To this end, it co-ordinates the action of European States in adopting common standards and policies for the sustainable use of biological diversity, thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of Europeans and the promotion of sustainable development. Special attention is given to endangered and vulnerable species, including endangered and vulnerable migratory species. Species requiring special attention are listed in three Appendices as follows: Appendix I - strictly protected flora species; Appendix II - strictly protected fauna species; and Appendix III - protected fauna species. Appendix IV identifies prohibited means and methods of killing, capture and other forms of exploitation.
Reporting framework
Reporting obligations
EC entry into force 07/05/1982
EC accession 01/09/1982
Convention secretariat Natural Heritage Division, Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Council of Europe (in Strasbourg, France)