Legislative instrument details: FRA (Forest Resources Assessment)

Legal name Global Forest Resources Assessment
Short name FRA (Forest Resources Assessment)
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Issued by Food and Agriculture Organization
URL to issuer http://www.fao.org
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Abstract Global forest resources assessments have been carried out by FAO since 1948. The mandate to carry out these assessments stems both from the basic statutes of FAO and to specific guidance given by member countries, most significantly at sessions of the Committee on Forestry (COFO). Global assessment reports have been published at approximately ten-year intervals, and the latest of these report (FRA 2000) was published in 2001. The Committee on Forestry session in 2001 recommended that assessments be produced at five-year intervals. The FRA 2005 updates FRA 2000, and a more substantial assessment will be completed in 2010.

The Global Forest Resources Assessment is a process, led by FAO and involving all countries and other partners, that reports on the world-wide status and trends of forest resources, their management and uses. The global FRA has many functions, including to: 1) provide as accurate and quality-rated picture as possible on the status and trends of forest resources worldwide for facilitation of improved policies in relation to forests and forest management; 2) enable countries with the ability to view their forest sector within regional and global environmental and socio-economic contexts; 3) contribute some of the validated and harmonised data required for monitoring and assessment functions of some international processes; 4) provide data that can be used in scientific and technical studies and can contribute to investment decision support and private sector development; and 5) present relevant information on forests to wider communities, including other sectors, NGOs and the general public.
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