Legislative instrument details: AEWA

Legal name Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
Short name AEWA
CELEX reference
Identification number
Issued by United Nations Environment Programme
URL to issuer http://www.unep.org
Parent legislative instrument Bonn Convention / CMS
Valid from 01/11/1999
Abstract The AEWA covers 235 species of birds ecologically dependent on wetlands for at least part of their annual cycle, with a geographic area encompassing 117 countries from Europe, parts of Asia and Canada, the Middle East and Africa. The Agreement provides for co-ordinated and concerted actions to be taken by the Range states throughout the migration systems of the waterbirds to which it applies. Parties to the Agreement are called upon to engage in a wide range of conservation actions which are described in a comprehensive Action Plan. This detailed plan addresses such key issues as species and habitat conservation, management of human activities, research and monitoring, education and information, and implementation. One of the fundamental activities undertaken is a regular review of the status of each migratory waterbird population within the Agreement area.
Reporting framework
Reporting obligations
Geographic scope 117 countries from Europe, parts of Asia and Canada, the Middle East and Africa
EC entry into force
EC accession
Convention secretariat UNEP/AEWA Secretariat (in Bonn, Germany)