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11-May-11: You can now see what EEA products have been created with the data collected for an obligation. Example: Natura 2000 sites.

05-May-11: We have implemented a new full-text search for the "Search ROD website" at the bottom of the front page.

Notifications: If you want to get an email when there is an approaching deadline, you can subscribe to notifications. You log into ROD, then click on the grey Subscribe button on the left side.

For editors: We have implemented an Undo-functionality on obligations and instruments. If you need to undo an update, you click on the "Show history" button.

What is ROD?

ROD is the EEA's reporting obligations database. It contains records describing environmental reporting obligations that countries have towards international organisations. ROD is part of Reportnet. Reportnet is group of web applications and processes developed by the EEA to support international environmental reporting.

What are reporting obligations?

Reporting obligations are requirements to provide information agreed between countries and international bodies such as the EEA or international conventions. Reporting obligations provide the basis for most environmental information flows.  

What does ROD cover?

ROD includes all environmental reporting obligations that EEA member countries have towards DG environment, European marine conventions, Eurostat, OECD, UN, UNECE, as well as the EEA itself. To learn more about ROD, the status of the contents and the intended users, please check out the general help section.

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