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Reporting obligation: (E2a) Information on primary up-to-date assessment data -measurements (Article 10)
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Client organisation: European Commission
Other clients using this reporting: European Environment Agency
Reporting guidelines: See Air Quality Portal
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Delivery Title Delivery Date Period covered Coverage note Coverage
up-to-data 2014-11-14 2013-01-01/P1Y Norway
TEST_20141014 2014-10-14 2014-01-01/P1Y Belgium
TEST_v2 2014-06-27 2013-01-01/P1Y Czechia
TEST_NEW 2014-06-17 2013-01-01/P1Y Belgium
TEST_20140614_bis 2014-06-16 2013-01-01/P1Y Belgium
TEST_20140614 2014-06-16 2014-01-01/P1Y Belgium
2014 Prelim 2014-01-10 2014-01-01/P1Y Ireland
Annual report - Q461v2-2012 2014-01-03 2012-01-01/P1Y France
TEST UTD 2012-07-02 2012-06-01/P1M Czechia
TEST example-E2a Primary Up-To-Date ES 24 hours of data 2012-05-22 2011-01-01/P1Y Spain

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