Reporting client or issuer details

Name: EFTA Surveillance Authority
Short Name:
Acronym: EFTA Surv
Address: Rue de Tr?ves 74
Postal code: B-1040
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium

Direct Obligations:

ID Title
506 Exchange of information and notification procedures 

Indirect Obligations:

ID Title
569 4th air quality daughter directive (Art.5) assessment annual reporting exceedances  Terminated
163 Air quality assessment 3-year reporting  Terminated
137 Air quality assessment annual reporting for 1st daughter directive  Terminated
138 Air quality assessment annual reporting for 2nd daughter directive (Art.3, 4, & 5)  Terminated
162 Air quality implementing national laws, regulations and administrative provisions under 2nd daughter directive (Dir.2000/69/EC, Art.10)  Terminated
390 Annual ozone exceedances reporting for 3rd daughter directive  Terminated
389 Annual report (questionnaire) on air quality assessment and management (2004/461/EC)  Terminated
513 Annual reporting on ambient air quality limit values plans or programmes for SO2, NO2, NOx, PM10 and Pb, and benzene and CO and ozone  Terminated
556 Application of the Emissions Trading Directive 2003/87/EC (Article 21) 
263 Assessment Report 
578 Batteries collection targets compliance report 
577 Batteries Directive implementation report 
579 Batteries recycling targets compliance report 
373 Biocidal products monitoring report  Terminated
375 Control of major-accident hazards report  Terminated
378 Dangerous Substances Classification Directive implementation report  Terminated
622 Data for review of Independently Operated Waste Water Treatment Plants (IOWWTPs)  Terminated
96 Drinking Water Abstraction Directive report  Terminated
85 Drinking Water Directive - Report  Terminated
538 E-PRTR data reporting 
540 E-PRTR report on practice and measures  Terminated
146 ELV Directive implementation report 
518 ELV reuse/recycling/recovery targets compliance report 
172 Engine approval data sheet 
131 EoI Data on air quality measurements at monitoring stations  Terminated
130 EPER data reporting  Terminated
143 EPER national overview report  Terminated
631 Exemptions to be reported under article 15(3) of the Large Combustion Plants Directive (LCP)  Terminated
581 Groundwater Daughter Directive to WFD - Progress on implementation of Programmes of Measures 
580 Groundwater Daughter Directive to WFD - River Basin Management Plans including Programmes of Measures 
84 GroundWater Directive dangerous substances report  Terminated
730 Implementation report 
735 Implementation report 
83 Implementation Report Dangerous substances  Terminated
380 Implementation report of the Asbestos Directive 
59 Implementation Report of Waste Incineration Directive  Terminated
69 Implementation report Sewage Sludge Directive 
57 Incineration of Hazardous Waste Directive Implementation Report  Terminated
301 Information on accidents  Terminated
731 Information on establishments 
557 Information on events notified by the operators of extractive industries waste facilities 
149 Information on generation, recovery and disposal of waste 
729 Information on major accidents 
147 Information on the quantities and categories of electrical and electronic equipment and on management of collected waste  Terminated
523 IPPC questionnaire  Terminated
56 Landfill of Waste Directive Implementation Report 
261 List of GMOs which have been released and of notifications that were rejected 
519 Mining Waste Directive implementation report 
160 Monitoring report on CO2 emissions of new passenger cars  Terminated
37 Monthly ozone exceedances  Terminated
260 Notification of the results of a deliberate release of GMOs for any other purpose than for placing on the market 
65 Packaging Directive implementation report 
40 Plans and outlines for the collection and disposal of equipment containing PCBs  Terminated
568 Preliminary assessment and implementation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions for 4th daughter directive (Art.10) 
173 report covering period 18 January 2001 until 31 December 2002.  Terminated
586 Report on existing plants declared for eligibility under Article 4.4 of LCP Directive  Terminated
372 Report on management systems and programmes related to qualification requirements (Art.16.5 & 16.6)  Terminated
97 Report on methods of measurement and frequencies of sampling  Terminated
537 Report on persistent organic pollutants 
11 Report on programmes on emissions from large combustion plants  Terminated
156 Report on the control of VOC emissions  Terminated
159 Report on the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels 
157 Reporting obligation for Implementation report on limitation of VOC emissions due to the use of organic solvents  Terminated
374 Statistical information on the use of animals for experiments  Terminated
9 Summary of emission inventory for large combustion plants (LCP), Art 4.(4) and 15.(3) plants  Terminated
259 Summary of notifications of deliberate releases of GMOs for any other purpose than for placing on the market 
262 Summary of the dossier 
39 Summary of the national inventory of equipment containing PCBs  Terminated
302 Summary report on class 3 and class 4 contained uses  Terminated
303 Summary report on experience with Directive 90/219/EEC  Terminated
386 Summer ozone exceedances  Terminated
43 Titanium Dioxide Directive Implementation Report  Terminated
174 Triennial air quality reviews, action plans and measures under 3rd daughter directive  Terminated
164 Triennial progress report on progress ozone plans & programmes  Terminated
264 Triennial Report 
648 Waste Framework Directive implementation report 
68 Waste oils directive implementation report  Terminated
67 Waste packaging hazardous contents report and other voluntary data on packaging and packaging waste 
66 Waste packaging yearly statistics report 
136 Water Framework Directive - Characterisation of River Basin Districts  Terminated
520 Water Framework Directive - Monitoring Programmes  Terminated
522 Water Framework Directive - Programmes of Measures - 2012 Reporting  Terminated
763 Water Framework Directive - Programmes of Measures - 2018 reporting 
525 Water Framework Directive - River Basin Districts and Competent Authorities  Terminated
521 Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2010 Reporting  Terminated
719 Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 RBD XML data 
718 Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 RBDSUCA XML data 
715 Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 Reporting 
717 Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 Spatial data 
148 WEEE Directive implementation report  Terminated
576 Yearly additional report to the EU Commission on waste shipments and sending a copy of the report submitted to the Basel Convention Secretariat for the previous calendar year 
8 Yearly report to the Basel Convention 
35 Yearly report to the EU Commission on waste shipments  Terminated