Reporting client or issuer details

Name: Eurostat
Short Name:
Address: B√Ętiment Jean Monnet Rue Alcide de Gasperi
Postal code: L-2920
City: Luxembourg
Country: Luxembourg

Direct Obligations:

ID Title
507 Cooperation in the field of statistics 
54 Environmental protection expenditure and revenues  Terminated
356 Forests data  Terminated
149 Information on generation, recovery and disposal of waste 
645 Inland waters  Terminated
48 Inland waters (even years)  Terminated
230 Inland waters (odd years)  Terminated
344 ITTO/UNECE/FAO/EUROSTAT Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire  Terminated
49 Land data  Terminated
51 Noise data  Terminated
737 Statistics on agricultural use of pesticides 
736 Statistics on the placing on the market of pesticides 
52 Waste data (even years)  Terminated
229 Waste data (odd years)  Terminated
688 Waste Directive target report 
355 Wildlife data  Terminated

Indirect Obligations:

ID Title
273 FRA Country Report 
304 Report on data gathered under the scheme for the monitoring of the condition of forests  Terminated
613 Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive - Implementation 
632 WISE SoE - Emissions (WISE-1) 
184 WISE SoE - Water Quantity (WISE-3)