Reporting client or issuer details

Name: CITES Secretariat
Short Name:
Acronym: CITES
Address: International Environment House, Chemin des Anémones, Châtelaine
Postal code: CH-1219
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland

Direct Obligations:

ID Title
241 Annual Report 
243 Biennial Report 
255 Information on convicted illegal traders and persistent offenders 
250 Information on exports of raw ivory  Terminated
247 Information on procedures, actions and time-frames needed to establish adequate measures to enforce the Convention 
254 Information on significant cases of illegal trade 
256 Information on the export of vicuna cloth 
252 Information on the number of certificates of ownership issued for live animals 
253 Information on the number of live specimens per shipment and of mortality in transport 
251 Inventory of the stock of raw ivory  Terminated
249 Notification of amounts of confiscated ivory 
257 Report on ranching operations of species transferred from Appendix I to Appendix II  Terminated
248 Report on the conservation of and trade in African and Asian rhinoceros 
258 Report on the implementation of the International Plan of Action on the Conservation and Management of Sharks (IPOA-Sharks) 

Direct Instruments:

ID Alias
673 Test 2