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Name: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Short Name:
Acronym: UNFCCC
Address: Haus Carstanjen, Martin-Luther-King-Strasse 8
Postal code: D-53175
City: Bonn
Country: Germany

Direct Obligations:

ID Title
102 Greenhouse gas inventories (UNFCCC) 

Indirect Obligations:

ID Title
705 Biennial reports and national communications 
704 Financial and technology support provided to developing countries 
384 Greenhouse gas inventories (MMD)  Terminated
708 Kyoto true-up period reports  Terminated
700 Low-carbon development strategies 
703 National adaptation actions 
696 National policies and measures (climate change mitigation) 
697 Projections (greenhouse gas emissions and removals) 
385 Projections and national programmes  Terminated