Reporting client or issuer details

Name: UNECE Environment and Human Settlements Division
Short Name:
Acronym: UNECE
Address: Palais des Nations, 8-14, avenue de la Paix
Postal code: CH-1211
City: Geneva 10
Country: Switzerland

Direct Obligations:

ID Title
746 Air emission annual data reporting (CLRTAP/EMEP) - informative inventory report 
358 Air quality annual data reporting (EMEP/CCC) 
773 LRTAP Convention - Adjustment 
745 LRTAP Convention - Gridded emissions data 
754 LRTAP Convention - Informative Inventory Report 
744 LRTAP Convention - Large point source (LPS) 
357 LRTAP Convention - National emission inventories 
743 LRTAP Convention - Projected emissions 
658 Questionnaire on Strategies and Policies for Air Pollution Abatement 
555 Report for UNECE Protocol on Water and Health 
377 Report on the convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents implementation 
554 UNECE water convention report 

Indirect Obligations:

ID Title
686 ENPI-SEIS East indicators  Terminated
143 EPER national overview report  Terminated
273 FRA Country Report 
645 Inland waters  Terminated
344 ITTO/UNECE/FAO/EUROSTAT Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire  Terminated
376 Report on Critical Thresholds and Target Loads for Air Pollutant Impacts on Ecosystems (ICP M&M) 
179 Water Questionnaire  Terminated

Direct Instruments:

ID Alias
548 Environment for Europe
589 UNECE Industrial Accidents Convention
618 UNECE protocol on Water and Health
184 UNECE Water Convention
617 UNECE Water Convention