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Name: Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean
Short Name: UfMS
Acronym: UfMS
Address: Palacio de Pedralbes, Pere Duran Farell, 11
Postal code: 08034
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Description: The Union for the Mediterranean is a multilateral partnership aiming at increasing the potential for regional integration and cohesion among Euro-Mediterranean countries.

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean was created by 43 Euro-Mediterranean Heads of State and Government in Paris on 13 July 2008, with its headquarters in Barcelona.

The mandate of the UfM Secretariat focuses on identifying, processing, promoting and coordinating regional projects, which are in line with the principles and rules of international law, and that enhance and strengthen cooperation and positively impact the lives of citizens.

The mandate and mission of the Secretariat have been defined in the Paris and Marseille Declarations as well as in the Statutes adopted on 3 March 2010. The six priority areas of the UfM are: De-pollution of the Mediterranean; Maritime and land highways; Civil protection; Alternative energies: Mediterranean solar plan; Higher education and research, Euro-Mediterranean University; and the Mediterranean Business Initiative.
Co-Presidency: The meetings of the Union for the Mediterranean are chaired by a co-presidency, one from the European Union side and the other from the Mediterranean side. The co-presidency applies to all levels: summits, ministerial meetings, and officials’ level meetings. The European Union assumed the northern co-presidency of the Union for the Mediterranean after the decision of the Council of EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs on 27th February 2012. Jordan assumes the southern co-presidency since June, 2012.

Senior Officicial’s meeting (SOM): The members of the Union for the Mediterranean meet on a regular basis at the level of Senior Officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the 43 countries, EU institutions and the League of Arab States. The Senior Officials Meetings (SOM) oversee and coordinate the work of the Union for the Mediterranean. They approve the budget and the work programme of the Secretariat and prepare ministerial meetings. They also discuss the project proposals submitted by the Secretariat for approval and endorsement. Senior Officials take decisions by consensus.

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691 Horizon 2020 initiative for a cleaner Mediterranean Sea (SoE)