Deliveries for Report on the results of the monitoring programme to demonstrate compliance

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Delivery Title Delivery Date Period covered Coverage Coverage note
Report 2015 2016-08-18 Slovenia
Paints directive 2004/42/CE report 2015 2016-07-19 2015-01-01/P1Y France
Malta's Report 2015 2016-07-12 2015-01-01/P1Y Malta
Paints Directive 2004/42/EC report 2015 2016-06-30 2015-01-01/P1Y United Kingdom
VOC Paints Directive IT 2015 2016-06-30 2015-01-01/P1Y Italy
3. Report Paints Directive 2004/42/EC 2016-06-30 2015-01-01/P1Y Romania Romania
DecoPaint directive (2004/42/EC):implementation report 2016 2016-06-30 2015-01-01 Estonia
Paint Report 2015 2016-06-27 2011-01-01/P5Y Slovakia
Malta's Report 2010 2012-12-17 2010-01-01/P1Y Malta MT
Paints Directive 2004/42/EC 2012-01-31 2011-01-01/P1Y Germany
Rapportage paints directive 2011-09-14 2010-01-01 Netherlands NL
Report on implementation of directive 2004/42/EC in 2010 2011-09-11 2010-01-01/P1Y Lithuania
2. Report on the VOC monitoring programme 2011-09-07 2011-01-01/P1Y Greece
2. Report Paints Directive 2004/42/EC 2011-08-04 2010-01-01/P1Y Luxembourg
Second Report on the Implementation of Directive 2004/42/EC in the Republic of Ireland 2011-07-27 2010-01-01/P1Y Ireland
VOC Paints Directive 2011-07-19 2008-01-01/P3Y United Kingdom UK
2010 Annual Report 2011-07-13 2010-01-01/P1Y Spain ES
Report on the VOC monitoring programme 2011-07-08 2010-01-01/P1Y Finland FI
Report 2010 2011-07-04 2010-01-01/P1Y Slovenia
Report 2004/42/EC VOC-Directive 2011-07-01 2010-01-01/P1Y Austria AUT
Report on the results of the monitoring programme to demonstrate compliance 2011-06-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Sweden
Report VOC Paints Directive 2010 2011-06-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Portugal
Danmarks kontrol med VOC-produktdirektivet 2004/42/EF 2010 2011-06-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Denmark
DecoPaint Directive (2004/42/EC): implementation report 2010 2011-06-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Estonia
LV zinojums par 2004/42/EK izpildi 2010 2011-06-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Latvia LV
Czech republic_Paints Directive Report_2010 2011-06-29 2010-01-01/P1Y Czech Republic
envtgq5jg 2011-06-28 2010-01-01/P1Y Bulgaria
Paint Report 2010 2011-06-27 2010-01-01 Slovakia
2nd Report 2011-06-22 2010-01-01/P1Y Cyprus CY
Second report on the results of the monitoring programme to demonstrate compliance 2011-06-16 2010-01-01/P1Y Romania RO