Reporting obligation for: SoER Part C Commonality Air Pollution: why do we care about this theme?

Title SoER Part C Commonality Air Pollution: why do we care about this theme?
Description A brief introduction explaining why the topic in question is important for the natural environment and human health/human well-being at national level. Linkages can be made with national priorities and strategies for the given topic.
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Reporting guidelines Part C Guidance [Valid since 01/07/2009]  
Extra information This document’s purpose is to provide countries with guidance on implementing Part C of the SOER 2010.
The Part C project started in March 2009 and is being developed through a phased, iterative learning process as the project progresses. This guidance document should be regarded as a living document which will be developed further as appropriate. It will be revisited at the end of each phase as the process becomes more mature and possibilities become clearer.
We foresee four phases, so that we can effectively manage the available resources of the Eionet and EEA and facilitate space for learning:
• Phase 1 - March-June 2009
• Phase 2 - June-September 2009
• Phase 3 - September 2009-February 2010
• Phase 4 - February 2010-June 2010.
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