Reporting obligation for: Reporting obligation for Council Directive 82/883/EEC

Title Reporting obligation for Council Directive 82/883/EEC
Description Reporting obligation for Council Directive 82/883/EEC of 3 December 1982 on procedures for the surveillance and monitoring of environments concerned by waste from the titanium dioxide industry
Legislative instrument title Titanium Dioxide Surveillance Directive
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Report to European Commission, Directorate General Environment
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Extra information The report which the Member Statesare required to forward to the Commission pursuant to Article 14 of Directive 78/176/EEC shall contain detailsof the surveillance and monitoring operationscarried
out by the bodiesappointed in accordance with Article 7 (2) of that Directive. These details shall, in respect of each environment affected,
include the following information:
— a description of the sampling point, including its permanent features, which may be coded, and other administrative and geographical information. Thisinformation shall be provided only once
when the sampling point is designated,
— a description of the sampling methods used,
— the results of the measurements of the parameters whose determination is mandatory and, where Member States consider it useful, also those of parameters whose determination is optional,
— the methods of measurement and analysis used and, where appropriate, their limit of detection, accuracy and precision,
— changes, adopted in accordance with Article 4 (3), in the frequency of sampling and analysis.
2. The first set of data to be communicated pursuant to paragraph 1 shall be that gathered during the third year following notification of this Directive.
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