Reporting obligation for: OSPAR Recommendation 2003/3 on a Network of Marine Protected Areas

Title OSPAR Recommendation 2003/3 on a Network of Marine Protected Areas
Description This Recommendation applies to Contracting Parties which are coastal States of the maritime area.
Delivery process or content of this obligation overlaps with another reporting obligation (
Legislative instrument title OSPAR Convention
Reporting dates and guidelines
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National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency Annually
Next report due 31/12/2018
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Report to OSPAR Convention
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Reporting guidelines OSPAR Recommendation 2003/3 adopted by OSPAR 2003, amended by OSPAR Recommendation 2010/2 [Valid since 27/06/2003]  
Extra information Contracting Parties should report on any OSPAR marine protected areas that they have selected or deselected, on any management plans that they have adopted or substantially amended and on any other issues that the OSPAR Commission has identified for reporting in that year.
As a guide for reporting, Contracting Parties should use the proforma for compiling the characteristics of a potential marine protected area in Appendix 4 of the Guidelines for the Identification and Selection of Marine Protected Areas in the OSPAR Maritime Area (reference number: 2003-17).
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Type of information reported Compliance, Regulatory, Text report