Reporting obligation for: Inland waters (even years)

Title Inland waters (even years)
Description Joint Questionnaire OECD/Eurostat
Reporting under this obligation is used for EEA Core set of indicators
Legislative instrument title EU Statistical Work Programme (consolidated)
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency terminated
Next report due terminated
Date comments  
Report to Eurostat
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines MS Excel spreadsheets  
Extra information The Manual is made to help the filling of the various tables of the questionnaire. The questionnaire itself can be found at
The reporting can be made by e-mail or on the password protected area. It is based on clearly defined tables including definitions and formats requested. It includes the whole water cycle from abstraction to use and then discharge, and additionnal tables on quality of some rivers and lakes only used by OECD. Quantities of water abstracted, and used, capacity of waste water treatment plants, sludges produced, and emissions of chemicals, of which heavy metals from the sources industry, agriculture and human settlements.
Principle repository Delivery to Eurostat CIRCA  
Data used for
Type of information reported Data, State of the environment