Deliveries for Strategic noise maps report 1 (DF4)

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Delivery Title Delivery Date Period covered Coverage Coverage note
PT_A_DF4_Agg 2014-09-26 2006-01-01/P1Y Portugal
PT_A_DF4_MRoad_v2 2013-01-29 2006-01-01/P1Y Portugal
FR_DF4_MAir_MRail_MRoad_Agg 2011-12-19 2007-01-01/P1Y France
Updated data for "Major Roads" in DF4 August 2011 2011-12-08 2011-01-01/P1Y Ireland
BE_B_DF4_Agglo_RBC 2011-11-08 2006-01-01/P1Y Belgium Brussels-Capital Region
MT_1_DF4_Year2007 2011-05-25 2007-01-01/P1Y Malta
PT_A_DF4_MRail_v_final 2011-05-16 2006-01-01/P1Y Portugal
BE_W_DF4_MRail 2011-04-07 2010-01-01/P1Y Belgium
BE_W_DF4_MRoad 2011-03-31 2010-01-01/P1Y Belgium
B_W_DF4_MRail wrong 2011-03-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Belgium
BE_W_DF4_MAir 2011-03-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Belgium
BE_W_DF4_Agg 2011-03-30 2010-01-01/P1Y Belgium
B_F_DF4_MAgglo 2011-01-20 2006-01-01/P1Y Belgium Flemish Region
DF4_updated_2010 2010-11-24 2010-01-01/P1Y Spain
Noise Raster Ld, Ln, Lden (Railway, Road, Aircraft) 2010-09-08 2004-01-01/P5Y Switzerland Switzerland
DF4: Strategic noise maps Major Roads 2010-07-30 2006-01-01/P1Y Bulgaria
Noise directive DF4: Strategic noise maps - Supplement Source Data and Noise Contours 2010-01-18 2007-01-01/P1Y Austria
Data report for strategic noise maps from Romania 2010-01-14 2009-01-01/P1Y Romania
Sachsen-Anhalt 2009-12-22 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DEE
DF4: Strategic noise maps_agglomerations 2009-11-20 2006-01-01/P1Y Bulgaria
Bremen 2009-11-11 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE5
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2009-11-11 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE8
Hessen 2009-11-11 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE7
Brandenburg 2009-11-11 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE4
Berlin 2009-11-11 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE3
Saarland 2009-11-11 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DEC
Schleswig-Holstein 2009-11-02 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DEF
Hamburg 2009-11-02 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE6
Nordrhein-Westfalen 2009-11-02 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DEA
Sachsen 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DED
Niedersachsen 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE9
Bayern 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE2
Baden-W├╝rttemberg 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE1
Th├╝ringen 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DEG
Rheinland-Pfalz 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DEB
Eisenbahn-Bundesamt 2009-10-30 2007-01-01/P1Y Germany DE
Environmental noise directive DF4 additional information 2009-10-09 2009-01-01/P1Y Lithuania
DF4 report on major airports inside agglomeration 2009-09-30 2007-01-01 Hungary
PT_A_DF4_MAir_v_final 2009-09-30 2006-01-01/P1Y Portugal
Information from strategic noise maps 2007 - update 3 2009-09-16 2007-01-01/P1Y Poland
PT_A_DF4_MRoads_v1 2009-09-10 2006-01-01/P1Y Portugal
PT_A_DF4_MRails_v1 2009-09-08 2008-01-01/P1Y Portugal
EE_70002940_DF4_Shapefiles_MRoad 2009-08-28 2007-01-01/P1Y Estonia
EE 70002940 DF4 MRoad 2009-08-28 2007-01-01/P1Y Estonia
EE_70002940_DF4_Shapefiles_Aglomerations 2009-08-28 2007-01-01/P1Y Estonia
EE 70002940 DF4 Agglomerations 2009-08-28 2007-01-01/P1Y Estonia
Response to the letter from the EC (29/07/09) regarding data in DF4 return 2009-08-20 2007-01-01/P1Y Ireland
Noise directive DF4: Strategic noise maps report 1 2009-06-19 2007-01-01/P1Y Austria
Strategic Noise Maps 2006 2009-04-16 2006-01-01/P1Y Denmark
Environmental Noise Directive DF4 2009-04-01 2008-01-01/P1Y Lithuania