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Title Wildlife data
Description Joint OECD/Eurostat Questionnaire on the State of the Environment was initially developed by the OECD Working Group on Environmental Information and Outlooks (WGEIO). The section on wildlife is intended to promote an overview of the state of threatened species of animals and plants.
Legislative instrument title EU Statistical Work Programme (consolidated)
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Date comments Approximately regular. 
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Reporting guidelines OECD/Eurostat Questionnaire: wildlife (MS Excel spreadsheets) [Valid since 20/03/2002]  
Extra information The questionnaire as a whole is continuously being reviewed and revised, with different schedules for individual sections (e.g. wildlife) depending on developments at international and EU levels. Revisions of the questionnaire are processed within the framework of joint OECD/Eurostat meetings, with the participation of other relevant international bodies, e.g. UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE), UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), convention secretariats, the European Environment Agency (EEA), etc.

The wildlife questionnaire is currently being reviewed. The review is closely linked to progress made with work on biodiversity indicators carried out with other international partners, in support of the OECD Environmental Strategy adopted by environment ministers of OECD countries in May 2001. This work is ongoing. Consequently the wildlife section of the questionnaire will not be revised in time for the next submission of the questionnaire in March 2004, and the 2002 version of the questionnaire will be used.

In terms of submission, an electronic version of the questionnaire should be submitted with the hard copy. When the questionnaire is sent out for completion, key tables are pre-filled on the basis of previous national replies and of subsequent data treatment. Data should be provided for all years and periods requested, or for other appropriate dates in order to be able to analyse trends. Countries are requested to provide comments necessary to the interpretation of the data, and to provide supplementary documentation where possible. Explanatory notes are provided.
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