Reporting obligation for: Protection of the Coastal Strip (Recommendation 15/1)

Title Protection of the Coastal Strip (Recommendation 15/1)
Description Report on implementation measures
Delivery process or content of this obligation overlaps with another reporting obligation (
Legislative instrument title Helsinki Convention
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators Finland
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Next report due HELCOM has stopped regularly reporting and will decide next reporting to be related to thematic assessment.
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Report to Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (Helsinki Commission)
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Reporting guidelines Protection of coastal strip [Valid since 08/03/1994]  
Extra information This reporting obligation accounts for at least:

a) all coastal nature types, biotopes and geomorphological structures ,

b) all single islands up to the size of 1000 hectares,

c) all river mouth areas, river banks, wetlands and wet forests in riverine areas and all sections of rivers which are influenced by backwater effects caused by the Baltic Sea;

For practical reasons in cases where the extent of coastal ecosystems is difficult to define according to a) - c) a strip extending in a width of 10 kilometres at the most inland from the coastal mean water line is taken for a working area with respect to Art.15.

An inland limitation extending beyond 1.1 a) - c) may be defined individually by the Contracting Parties. The definite area may be pictured in maps for national implementation, where appropriate.
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Type of information reported Compliance, Text report