Reporting obligation for: National report on the establishment of new monitoring activities

Title National report on the establishment of new monitoring activities
Description National report on the establishment of new monitoring activities, concerning the monitoring of soils, carbon sequestration, climate change effects and biodiversity, as well as protective functions of forests.
Legislative instrument title Regulation No. 2152/2003
Reporting dates and guidelines
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Reporting frequency terminated
Next report due terminated
Date comments Reports are required when new national monitoring activities have been established. 
Report to European Commission, Directorate General Environment
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Extra information Article 16(3) of Regulation 2152/2003 states that guidelines for the reporting and the reporting period shall be laid down in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 17(2), which states that Articles 5 and 7 of Decision 1999/468/EC shall apply.
The implementation of these activities shall be considered as part of the review by the Commission, assisted by the EEA, on the overall implementation of the scheme, reviewing its effectiveness in order to provide a basis for any decisions on the continuation of these activities after 2006. When developing the scheme, the Commission shall take account of scientific as well as financial needs and restrictions (Article 6.3).
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