Reporting obligation for: Triennial National Report

Title Triennial National Report
Description Triennial National Report
Legislative instrument title ACCOBAMS
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Next report due 2005
Date comments Year only specified. Approximately regular - every 3 years. Reports should be submitted not less than 120 days before the opening of the session of the Meeting of the Parties. 
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Reporting guidelines Format for national reports of the Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the [Valid since 02/03/2002]  
Extra information Resolution 1.8 provides a format for the triennial national report. To avoid redundancy and repetition in successive reports, it is suggested that a format be adopted for the first report submitted by each Party and a more succinct format be used for subsequent reports. Moreover, a slightly different format is suggested for reports to be submitted by Parties that do not border on the area of the Agreement.

The format will be amended at the end of each Meeting of the Parties in order to take into account Resolutions adopted by the Meeting of the Parties.

The report is to be submitted in English or French, in triplicate, and accompanied by an electronic version on floppy disk or CD-Rom.

It is recommended that Parties consult, as appropriate, with relevant non-governmental organisations and others with technical expertise in the preparation of national reports.

The electronic version of each report received will be available on the Agreement's website.
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Type of information reported Compliance, State of the environment, Text report