Reporting obligation for: WISE SoE - Water Quantity (WISE-3)

Title WISE SoE - Water Quantity (WISE-3)
Description Data on freshwater resources availability, abstraction and use at regional spatial scale are collected through the WISE-SoE annual data flow. These data are primarily used to formulate indicators (associated with the EEA's Core Set Indicators) and assess the state and trends of the water resources and associated pressures, and monitor the progress with European policy objectives.

The information needed in relation to water quantity is generally described as drivers, pressures, state, impact, response. In general there is a need for coherent European indicators describing water availability/scarcity in connection with water use and water use efficiency to assess the extent and intensity of the problem, and of the impact of particular socio-economic sectors on water abstraction (e.g. water abstraction by agriculture).

Formerly State & Quantity of Water Resources (EWN-4)

This reporting obligation is an EIONET non-Priority Data flow.

Delivery process or content of this obligation overlaps with another reporting obligation ( If countries report data under water quantity in 2013, this will be used to pre-fill the 2014 Eurostat/OECD Joint Questionnaire and no Eurostat reporting has to be done by the country.
Legislative instrument title EEA AMP
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators National Focal Points (eionet-nfp)
National reporting contacts EIONET PCPs and NRCs for Water quantity (eionet-nrc-waterquantity)
Reporting frequency Annually
Next report due 31/12/2015
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Report to European Environment Agency
Other clients using this reporting
Reporting guidelines Guidelines and templates available through the Reportnet Data Dictionary  
Extra information A formal request is sent to NFPs and NRCs every year with reference to input tool to use and guidelines. Letter on WISE SoE data request 2013 is available at The input tool is being updated for the 2013 reporting. The input tool is accompanied by a template from 2011 on. They are available on NRC EIONET Freshwater interest group library (subfolder Water Quantity reporting 2013).

The Water Quantity data reporting is facilitated by a specifically designed input tool "WQ Reporting Tool v.1.4" [Valid since 15/07/2013], due to the fact that the Water Quantity reporting introduces flexibility in reporting at different spatial and temporal scales. The data requested through the input tool is the ones described in the Water Quantity Data Manual v.3.1 [Valid since 15/07/2013]. This user friendly reporting input tool at the end creates xml files to be uploaded in the nominated repository CDR. If you have long-time series for certain Water Quantity parameters, which are difficult to report via the reporting input tool, you can report them by providing a specific internet URL link from where the data can be easily retrieved. The template [Valid since 27/07/2011] is used for reporting the number of stations per RBD/SU.

The general content of reporting as agreed by Water Directors is described in the guidance document "Reporting required for assessing the state of, and trends in, the water environment at the European level", which includes reporting sheets for several EEA SoE data flows, available at

For the test data flow on water quantity in 2008, a test data request was sent to EIONET PCPs and NRCs for Water Quantity and Use on March 28th 2008. This letter together with templates, example data and guidance on templates are put on the NRC EIONET Freshwater interest group library under Copenhagen Eionet freshwater quantity workshop June 2008 at Presentations of the reported data assessment from this test data exchange are also available here.
Principle repository CDR  
Data used for Waterbase - Water Quantity
Type of information reported Data, State of the environment