Reporting obligation for: Report on programmes on emissions from large combustion plants

Title Report on programmes on emissions from large combustion plants
Description Large combustion plants (National programmes)
Legislative instrument title LCP Directive
Reporting dates and guidelines
National reporting coordinators
National reporting contacts
Reporting frequency terminated
Next report due terminated
Date comments First report 31/12/1990. Summary reports within 12 months after each phase for reduction of emissions from existing plants. Intermediate reports: in the middle of each phase. 
Report to European Commission, Directorate General Environment
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Reporting guidelines  
Extra information The reports shall provide an overall view of:

a) all the combustion plants covered by the Directive,
b) emissions of sulphur dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen expressed in tonnes per annum and as concentrations of these substances in the waste gases,
c) measures already taken or envisaged with a view to reducing emissions, and of changes in the choice of fuel used,
d) changes in the method of operation already made or envisaged,
e) definitive closures of combustion plants already effected or envisaged, and
f) where appropriate, the emission limit values imposed in the programmes in respect of existing plants.
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