Reporting obligation for: Water sampling methods and results of measurements

Title Water sampling methods and results of measurements
Description EC Water Reporting Obligation
Legislative instrument title Exchange of information Decision on fresh water (consolidated)
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Reporting frequency terminated
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Report to European Commission, Directorate General Environment
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Reporting guidelines Water sampling methods and results of measurements  
Extra information Annex I lists sampling or measuring stations involved in the exchange of information.
The information concerning the parameters listed in the first column of Annex II (as amended by Decision 86/574/EEC) covered by the exchange of information shall be: (a) the results of the measurements carried out by the sampling or measuring stations; (b) a description of the sampling, sample preservation and measuring methods used and the frequency of sampling.
Annex 3 defines reference methods of measurement (as amended by Decision 86/574/EEC).
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Type of information reported Data, Compliance, State of the environment