Legislative instrument details: IPPC Directive (consolidated)

Legal name Directive 2008/1/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning integrated pollution prevention and control
Short name IPPC Directive (consolidated)
CELEX reference 32008L0001
Identification number 2008/1/EC
Issued by European Parliament and Council
URL to issuer http://rod.eionet.europa.eu/clients/12
Parent legislative instrument
Valid from 30/10/1996
Abstract The purpose of this Directive is to achieve integrated prevention and control of pollution arising from the activities listed in its Annex I. It lays down measures designed to prevent or, where that is not practicable, to reduce emissions in the air, water and land from the largest industrial installations, including measures concerning waste, in order to achieve a high level of protection of the environment taken as a whole. In order to be operated, all installations covered by the Directive are required to obtain a permit from the competent authorities in the EU Member States Those permits must contain conditions based on the Best Available Techniques (BAT), as defined in Article 2 of the Directive.
Article 17(1) states an obligation on the MS to send available representative data concerning emission limit values to the Commission every three years. Article 17(2) states an obligation on the Commission to organise a continuous exchange of information between Member States and industry concerning BAT and associated monitoring and article 17(3) is related to the hereunder mentioned RO.
The Directive was originally adopted as Council Directive 96/61/EC and after several amendments codified as Directive 2008/1/EC.
Reporting framework
Reporting obligations
Geographic scope European Union
Comments Sectoral and horizontal Best Available Techniques (BAT) reference documents (BREFs) are adopted by the Commission to help define BAT and are available at http://eippcb.jrc.es/reference/