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Reporting obligation: Strategic noise maps (DF 4 and DF 8)
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Client organisation: European Commission
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Delivery Title Delivery Date Period covered Coverage note Coverage
LV_DF4_8_MRoad_2017_upd180103 2018-01-17 2017-01-01/P1Y Latvia
HU_a_DF4_8_2017 2018-01-12 2017-01-01/P1Y Hungary
PL_a_DF4_8_2017_del 2018-01-08 2017-01-01/P1Y Poland
DK_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-31 2017-01-01/P1Y Denmark
HR_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-30 2017-01-01/P1Y Croatia
SE_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-30 2016-01-01/P1Y Sweden
PT_a_DF4_8_2012_upd221217 2017-12-29 2012-01-01/P5Y Portugal
LV_DF4_8_Agg_2015_upd171229 2017-12-29 2017-01-01/P1Y Latvia
LV_DF4_8_MRail_2017_del 2017-12-29 2017-01-01/P1Y Latvia
LV_DF4_8_MAir_2017_del 2017-12-29 2017-01-01/P1Y Latvia
BG_Noise Directive_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-28 2017-01-01/P1Y Bulgaria
AT_a_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-28 2017-01-01/P1Y Austria
LT_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-27 2017-01-01/P1Y Lithuania
DE_m_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DED Germany
DE_g_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE7 Germany
DE_a_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE1 Germany
BE_B_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y Belgium
DE_l_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DEC Germany
DE_i_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE9 Germany
DE_h_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE8 Germany
DE_e_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE5 Germany
Noise Directive DF4_DF8 Delivery For Ireland R3 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y Ireland
DE_b_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE2 Germany
DE_d_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE4 Germany
DE_q_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE Germany
DE_f_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE6 Germany
DE_c_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DE3 Germany
UK_S_DF4_8_2017_Del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y United Kingdom
DE_o_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DEF Germany
DE_k_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DEB Germany
DE_j_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DEA Germany
DE_p_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-22 2017-01-01/P1Y DEG Germany
UK_E_DF4_8_2017_Del 2017-12-21 2017-01-01/P1Y England United Kingdom
UK_G_DF4_8_2017_Del 2017-12-21 2017-01-01/P1Y Gibraltar United Kingdom
NL_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-21 2017-01-01/P1Y Netherlands
UK_W_DF4_8_2017_Del 2017-12-21 2017-01-01/P1Y United Kingdom
CZ_a_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-20 2017-01-01/P1Y Czech Republic
DF_4_8_Entrega MER 3ยช Fase 2017-12-20 2017-01-01/P1Y Spain
EE_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-19 2017-12-01/P1M Estonia
Finland DF4_8_2017 2017-12-18 2017-01-01/P1Y Finland
LV_DF4_8_MRoad_2017_del 2017-12-15 2017-01-01/P1Y Latvia
UK_N_DF4_8_2017_Del_GISUpdate151217 2017-12-15 2017-01-01/P1Y Northern Ireland United Kingdom
LV_DF4_8_Agg_2015_upd171214 2017-12-12 2017-01-01/P1Y Latvia
UK_N_DF4_8_2017_Del_GISUpdate121217 2017-12-12 2017-01-01/P1Y Northern Ireland United Kingdom
NL_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-12-12 2017-01-01/P1Y Netherlands
NL_DF4_8_2017_del.gdb 2017-12-12 2017-01-01/P1Y Netherlands
UK_N_DF4_8_2017_Del 2017-12-10 2017-01-01/P1Y Northern Ireland United Kingdom
BE_W_DF4_8_2017_del 2017-11-30 2017-01-01/P1Y Belgium
PI_2013/2022_IT_DF4_DF8_2012_MAir_Update_170921 2017-10-20 2012-01-01/P1Y Italy
PI_2013/2022_IT_DF4_DF8_2012_MRoad_ Update_170921 2017-10-20 2012-01-01/P1Y Italy

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